No matter what the educational approach, struggling students find learning an uphill climb. What's worse, they're stuck with labels—deficit, disability, at-risk—that are more often offensive than accurate. Crystal England addresses the serious issue of labeling and reminds us that there is a whole child behind each struggling learner. England takes a close-up look at struggling students and what we can do to ensure that their educational needs are understood and met. She presents a wealth of information in an easy-to-read format, seasoned with case histories and insight. Beyond a sensitive portrait of struggling learners, England provides a helpful handbook replete with strategies for teaching them. Her topics include:
  • Common characteristics of students who struggle in school
  • Dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder, special education, and gifted students
  • Practices that focus on multiple intelligences
  • Infusing character education into the classroom
  • Validating home-school connections
  • Understanding the language development of hard-to-reach learners
  • Modeling a celebration of diversity within the classroom.
      Starting with recognizing and removing harmful practices, she shows how to develop the all-important three Rs: "Relationship, Relationship, and Relationship,” ;i.e., student-focused, teacher-focused, and academics-focused relationships. At the end she considers the multisystemic reforms that are needed if we are truly to leave no child behind.