Lenore Blank Kelner and Rosalind Flynn make what is implicit to experienced educational drama specialists explicit for classroom teachers. This book is designed for teachers with little to no experience in drama. It contains information, advice, directions, steps, tips, charts, lists, photos, and ideas for use with students in grades one through eight. Readers will find in-depth explanations of the layers of effective educational drama experiences based on classroom texts. Kelner and Flynn devote individual chapters to each of four drama strategies

  1. story dramatization
  2. character interviews
  3. tableau
  4. human slide shows

with a step-by-step process for integration of the drama strategy and reading comprehension. In addition, A Dramatic Approach to Reading Comprehension includes a comprehensive treatment of assessment in both drama and reading comprehension. Readers will find a variety of assessment guidelines, tasks, tools, and definitions of terms.