How easy it is to get into an emotional rut. To get stuck in preparing lesson plans and tests. To mistake busyness for well-being. It's time to step back, reflect, and refresh. And there's no better way to do it than by reading master teacher and author Don Graves.

In Teaching Day by Day, Graves exhibits the same uncommon insight, unwavering support, and unbounded hope for the future that made his best-selling book The Energy to Teach such an inspiration to teachers. Filled with anecdotes, classroom events, and reflections—one for each of the 180 school days— each "chapter" is about a page long and ends with a simple statement to ponder. Open the book and find Graves at this best in:

  • stories, poems, and classroom situations that will make you laugh, cry, or question your own teaching
  • portraits of children, teachers, administrators, and parents
  • personal and professional reflections by Graves on his own teaching, his family, and major events in education, especially testing.
Read a Graves 10-minute story each day. Share a story with a good friend. Or use a selection of stories for group discussion. It's the perfect gift to yourself or your colleagues—a special reflective time-out for teachers.