Features and Benefits

  • Specific focus on training students in effective group participation for professions in the human services by concentrating on reflection and self-assessment with worksheets that provide students with practical tools to evaluate group effectiveness.
  • Workbook-style text that includes exercises for class and group activities to help demonstrate specific skills and processes.
  • Introductory chapter outlines the major concepts of group dynamics and self-reflection; subsequent chapters progress through major elements of group dynamics, and asks students to apply the concepts and skills described and reflect on what they have learned about themselves, and how they belong to and participate in groups.
  • The Reflection Tool and Self-Assessment Framework are in-text worksheets that challenge students to explore their own participation in groups and think about how to apply group skills to their future careers.
  • Case Studies with Questions demonstrate how these concepts can play out at the student level, the professional team level, and the community level.
  • Throughout the text, exercises, examples and case studies make use of relevant student experiences and situations that will be faced by human services professionals in a variety of fields.
  • In-class exercises throughout to allow students to put specific skills into practice.
  • Instructors' Manual by the authors with assistance for instructors throughout their course.
  • Each chapter contains a detailed Chapter Summary and Key Terms with page references.