Brief and accessible, this rhetoric teaches AP and upper-level high school students to read closely, critically, and rhetorically, and to write effectively to achieve their rhetorical goals. Everyday Use will develop the confidence and competency students need to write successful essays on the AP exam.

Features and Benefits

  • Puts Rhetoric and Argument at the Center of Teaching English − By emphasizing the reading-writing connection, the text teaches students to understand the argument and artistry of texts and how to produce their own rich, purposeful, and effectively crafted texts.
  • Addresses the Five Canons of Rhetoric − As students study Invention,  Arrangement, Style, Memory, and Delivery, they actively construct what they are reading and apply rhetorical principles, not just to reading and writing argument, but also to reading and writing about literature.
  • Includes More Than Two-Dozen Readings − Chosen to represent the types of passages students will encounter on the AP exam, the readings include essays, short stories, speeches, and poems and model a variety of tones and rhetorical styles.
  • Engages Students in Active Learning − Journal writing and collaborative writing activities, as well as essay prompts, are among the types of activities that reinforce  the concepts learned in each chapter.
  • Additional Teacher and Student Support
    • An AP Teacher's Annotated Instructor's Edition is available for this textbook.
    • Students and teachers are given access to MyCanadianCompLab with textbook purchase.

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