This resource provides explicit instruction and practice of the comprehension skills students need to understand written text. Each lesson begins with direct instruction of each skill and is followed by opportunities for students to apply and transfer the skill to a meaningful context. Comprehension Plus study skills, vocabulary, phonics/word study, and writing connections add up to improved test scores and classroom performance.

Student Editions:

  • Introduce the focus comprehension skill in easy-to-understand terms
  • Guide students through understanding, and applying the focus skill
  • Pull readers into-high interest passages and keep them engaged
  • Includes direct instruction and opportunities for the student to transfer and apply a skill to a meaning context

Teacher's Editions:

  • Build a lesson around the targeted comprehension skill
  • Include carefully sequenced instruction of the focus skill in each lesson, plus review of previously taught skills
  • Provide helpful teaching tips
  • Drive instruction with step-by-step mini-lessons
  • Reinforce the reading-writing connection
  • Help assess student progress in comprehending the text
  • Support students' diverse needs with a variety of activities