The research is compelling: when teachers differentiate reading instruction, students learn more. But teachers are too often given the expectation of differentiation without the details on how to make it work. In No More Reading Instruction Without Differentiation, Debra Peterson and Lynn Bigelman offer an instructional framework that adapts instruction based on individual students needs and interests. Peterson unpacks the research that supports differentiated instruction. Then veteran school principal Bigelman shows how to implement differentiation using:

  • Learning Targets & Performance Tasks 
  • Student Self-Assessment 
  • Talk to Assess & Deepen Student Understanding 
  • Workshop: A Daily Structure for Differentiation 
  • Project-Based Learning 
  • Conferring 
  • Individual Learning Goals 
  • Intervention Planning

Differentiation doesn't mean creating separate lesson plans for each student every day. Differentiation is responsive teaching that identifies what each student knows and can do and what can happen next to move that student forward in her learning. In this book, you’ll find the tools and strategies to better meet the needs of the children in your classroom right now.