Welcome to Jon Scieszka's Trucktown.

Welcome to Trucktown! A character-driven series geared towards successful reading.  This rough-and-tumble series has enormous boy appeal!  The Trucktown Library pack is an action packed series which is ideal for practicing phonics skills and high frequency words.  Truckery Rhymes use Trucktown characters to put a fun and exciting spin on the classic nursery rhymes. Trucktown ABCs once again uses these colourful and fun characters in order to teach children truck-related words.

It's a world where all the characters are trucks and all the stories are action driven!

"My inspiration for Trucktown was I really wanted to write something for all those little energetic guys and girls who don't think there is something out there to read. And what's more fun than a bunch of truck stuff? And what's more fun than trucks smashing and crashing into each other?"
Jon Scieszka (Children's Book Author; Founder of GUYS READ)