Table of Contents


1.Biderbiks Don’t Cry, Avi
2.The Story of the Thirteenth Treasure, T.A. Barron
3.A Letter from the Fringe, Joan Bauer
4.Willie and the Christmas Spruces, Larry Bograd
5.The Gift, Joseph Bruchac
6.No Way of Knowing, Donna Gamache
7.Diary of Death, Kendall Haven
8.Ice Cream Man, Roy Hoffman
9.The Southern Belle and the Black-Eyed Pea, Trish Holland
10.Grungy Breadwads, C.S. Perryess
11.Same Time Next Year, Neal Shusterman
12.Nethergrave, Gloria Skurzynski
13.I Can Fight You on Thursday..., Gene Twaronite
14.Dear Mr. Dickens, Vivian Vande Velde
15.Los Tres Ratoncitos: A Chiste, Angel Vigil