Table of Contents

Table of contents:

Viewpoints 11

Viewpoints 12

Viewpoints 11 



Unit Opener   2

John McLeod  The Shivering Tree  myth    4   

Karen Connelly  Learning the Language   short story   17   

Bernice Friesen  Brother Dear   short story   25   

Marga Minco  The Address   short story   35   

Yvonne McKague Housser  Silver Mine, Cobalt   painting   42

Alice Munro  Boys and Girls   short story   44   

David Blackwood  Fire Down on the Labrador   etching   60

Sinclair Ross  The Lamp at Noon   short story   62   

Iqbal Ahmad  Ramu and Rani   fantasy   74   

Jamaica Kincaid  A Walk to the Jetty   short story   86   

Budge Wilson  The Charmer   short story   100   

Paule Marshall  To Da-duh, in Memoriam   short story   110   

Tayeb Salih  A Handful of Dates   short story   123   

Daphne Odjig  Companions Past and Present   painting   130

Zhang Jie  Love Must Not Be Forgotten   short story   132   

Jane Rule  A Television Drama   short story   147   

Ray Bradbury  The Pedestrian   science fiction   153   

Saki (H.H. Munro)  The Storyteller   short story   159   

Morley Callaghan  A Cap for Steve   short story   167   

Bel Kaufman  Sunday in the Park   short story   179   

Jomo Kenyatta  The Gentlemen of the Jungle   fable   185   

Charles G.D. Roberts  Do Seek Their Meat from God   short story   190   

Sylvia Plath  Initiation   short story   198   

Wrap-Up    209

Unit 2: POETRY

Unit Opener    210

Dorothy Livesay  SOS   narrative    212

Oliver Goldsmith  An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog   elegy    214

Lorna Crozier  Sometimes My Body Leaves Me   lyric    216

Christina Rossetti  In Progress   sonnet    220

John Donne  Holy Sonnet 10   sonnet    222

Robert Browning  My Last Duchess   dramatic monologue    223

William Wordsworth  The Tables Turned   quatrain    228

John Keats  Ode to Autumn   ode    230

William Butler Yeats  The Lake Isle of Innisfree   lyric    232

Daniel David Moses  Falling Song   lyric    236

Rabindranath Tagore  My Song   lyric    238

Ben Okri  You Walked Gently Towards Me   dramatic monologue    240

Molly Lamb Bobak  Untitled (Vancouver)   painting    244

Margaret Atwood  Up   dramatic monologue    246

Sally Ito  Poetry   lyric    248

Lady Ise  A Flower of Waves   tanka    249

Pablo Neruda  Ode to My Socks   light verse    252

Jeannette C. Armstrong  History Lesson   free verse    255

Maxine Tynes  The Profile of Africa   free verse    258

Elizabeth Brewster  In the Morning (27 May)   free verse    262

Anne Hébert  Beautiful Summer   free verse    263

Marilyn Dumont  Horse-Fly Blue   free verse    264

Robert Frost  'Out, Out-'   dramatic monologue    268

Ronna Bloom  The Job of an Apple   free verse    270

Emily Dickinson  A Narrow Fellow in the Grass   light verse    272

Edward Kamau  Brathwaite Schooner   dramatic monologue    276

E.J. Pratt  From The Titanic   epic narrative    279

Earle Birney  The Bear on the Delhi Road   free verse

Oshuitoq Peesee  Mother and Child   carving    286

Nagase Kiyoko  Mother   lyric    288

T.S. Eliot  Macavity: The Mystery Cat   light verse    289

Anne Clifford  Sonnet   light verse    292

Chang Soo Ko  In a Remote Korean Village   narrative    296

Christine Churches  Neighbour   narrative    298

Rita Joe  The Hidden Fence   free verse    300

Wrap-Up    303


Unit Opener        304

David Adams Richards  My Old Newcastle   memoir    306   

Janine Beach  Canadian Pioneers-A New Definition of an Old Idea   personal essay    310   

Diane Kenyon  Reaction-Interaction   personal essay    314   

Al Purdy  The Cartography of Myself   personal essay    319   

Yousuf Karsh  Albert Einstein   photograph    324

Margaret Laurence  Where the World Began   literary essay    326   

Thomas King  The Open Car   travel essay    334   

J.B. Priestley  Wrong Ism   persuasive essay    343   

Ursula K. Le Guin  "Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?"   persuasive essay    348   

June Callwood  Marilyn Bell — The Frightening Night and the Terrible Day   profile    348   

Stan Behal  Victory!   photograph    366

Cecil Brown  Japanese Air and Submarine Attack Sinks HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse   eyewitness report    368   

Claude P. Dettloff  Off to War   photograph    374

Jean Chrétien  On Veterans   speech    376   

John Lasseter  From Animation 101   expository essay    381   

M.T. Kelly  William Golding   televised interview    385   

Rick Groen  Surf's Up   movie review    392   

Hilary Sircom  Garbage 101: A Survey Course   newspaper article    396   

Roz Chast  How to Turn a Closed-Down Nuclear Reactor into a Theme Restaurant: A Master Plan   cartoon    400

The Globe and Mail  Fear of Science and Love of the Land   editorial    402   

The Globe and Mail  Engineered Food   letters to the editor    405   

National Post  The "Talking" Mace   annotated graphic    409

Children Now  Reflections of Girls in the Media   Internet report summary    413   

Assembly of First Nations  Living Languages, Lasting Cultures   informational poster    422

United Way  Life Needs Nourishing   public appeal poster    424

Margaret Wente  On Boy Trouble   opinion piece    426   

Mike Randolph  Some Paws for Concern   feature article    430   

Government of Canada  Sustainable Development Information System   Web site    436

Ericsson  e-phobia?   print advertisement    438

Allan Maki  Life of a Sports Writer Isn't All Fun and Games   newspaper column    440   

Wrap-Up    443

Unit 4: DRAMA

Unit Opener 444

William Shakespeare  From Henry V: "Once more unto the breach"   monologue    446

Wayne and Shuster  Shakespearean Baseball Game   television sketch    450

Ellen Peterson  Branta Canadensis   stage play    462

RKO Radio Pictures  King Kong   movie poster    472

Adapted by Emma Thompson from the novel by Jane Austen  From Sense and Sensibility   screenplay    474

Susan Glaspell  Trifles   stage play    484

Desiderius Erasmus  The Ignoble Knight   stage play    501

Minnie Aodla Freeman  Survival in the South   stage play    513

Wrap-Up    523

Glossary   524

Viewpoints 12 - Contents by Genre and Form

Invitation to Literature

  • The Word poem by Pablo Neruda
  • Reading on "the Rez" memoir by Tomson Highway
  • For the Love of Books memoir by Rita Dove
  • Not a Boyhood Passion memoir by Mordecai Richler
  • How Reading Changed My Life memoir by Anna Quindlen
  • The Secret poem by Denise Levertov
Invitation to Literature: Activities

Unit 1: Short Fiction

  • The Rocking-Horse Winner short story by D.H. Lawrence
  • Write Me Sometime short story by Taien Ng-Chan
  • Calgary from Sunnyside woodblock print by Margaret Shelton
  • Outside Edges short story by Ivan Dorin
  • Twisted Roots photograph by Lyle McIntyre
  • The Shining Houses short story by Alice Munro
  • A Devoted Son short story by Anita Desai
  • Magpies short story by Thomas King
  • The Winner short story by Barbara Kimenye
  • Windows short story by Bernice Morgan
  • Easter at My Aunt's lithograph by Christopher Pratt
  • War short story by Timothy Findley
  • Peace and War short story by Moacyr Scliar
  • The Spirit of Haida Gwaii sculpture by Bill Reid
  • Mazes speculative fiction by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Was It a Dream? ghost story by Guy de Maupassant
  • From No Great Mischief novel excerpt by Alistair MacLeod
Unit Wrap-Up Activities

In-Depth: Universal Themes and Patterns

  • From The Archetypes of Literature literary criticism by Northrop Frye
  • The Hero's Adventure interview Joseph byCampbell with Bill Moyers
  • Ode to the West Wind poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • Araby from Dubliners short story by James Joyce
  • Utopian Dreams book review Val Ross
  • Universal Themes and Patterns: Activities

Unit 2: Essays, Articles, Media


  • Portrait of the Essay as a Warm Body expository essay by Cynthia Ozick

Personal and Reflective Essays

  • Ka-Ching! personal essay by Margaret Atwood
  • Afternoon of an American Boy personal essay E.B. White
  • A Place to Stand On reflective essay by Margaret Laurence
  • Chameleons and Codas personal essay by Patricia Conrad
  • Elegy in Stonereflective essay by Steven Heighton
  • The Death of the Moth reflective essay byVirginia Woolf

Biographical Essays

  • Guy Lafleur biographical essay by Ken Dryden
  • My Mother's Blue Bowl biographical essay by Alice Walker
  • Migrant Mother photograph by Dorothea Lange

Expository and Analytical Essays

  • Of Youth and Age analytical essay by Francis Bacon
  • Why I Write analytical essay by George Orwell
  • The Not-So-Deadly Sin expository essay by Barbara Kingsolver
  • Call of the Weird expository essay by Drew Hayden Taylor

Argumentative and Persuasive Essays

  • A Modest Proposal persuasive essay by Jonathan Swift
  • Get Beyond Babel argumentative essay by Ken Wiwa
  • The Death of History Is Bunk persuasive essay by Patrick Watson
  • Wanderers by Choice argumentative essay by Eva Hoffman
  • Peace, Technology, and the Role of Ordinary People speech by Ursula Franklin


  • Slide to Entropy newspaper column by Kathleen Winter
  • Paradise, a Poet, and Promised Land magazine article by George Elliott Clarke
  • Hockey Night in Port Hawkesbury magazine article by Lynn Coady
  • The Sixth Flight magazine article by Chantal Tranchemontagne
  • Buying Your Next Synthesizer tech-advice column by Amin Bhatia
  • A Chat with Al Purdy interview by Kate Climenhage
  • Ours by Design magazine feature article by Alison Blackduck


  • Look What I Found cartoon by Marian Henley
  • Landscape with the Fall of Icarus painting by Pieter Brueghel
  • Shower at Ohashi Bridge print by Hiroshige Utagawa
  • The Poetry of Earth and Sky photo essay byCourtney Milne with Ormond&Barbara Mitchell
  • Canada: A Virtual History newspaper feature article by Ray Conlogue
  • Unzipped annotated graphic by Anna Husarska
  • The Humpback of Notre Dame print advertisement by Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Morty Mania trade magazine article by Judy Waytiuk
  • The Monkey's Paw magazine feature article by Daniel Wood
  • Restoring Life on the Edge newspaper article by Chris Rose

Unit Wrap-Up Activities

In-Depth:Media on Media

  • Aphorisms aphorisms by Marshall McLuhan
  • The News analytical essay by Neil Postman
  • Learning Without Lectures newspaper article by Ann Rees
  • King Zog's Birthday radio script by Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding
  • almost visible poem by Kenneth J. Harvey

Media on Media: Activities

In-Depth:Argument and Persuasion

  • Effective Persuasion from Rhetoric argument by Aristotle
  • Giant Database Is Ripe for Abuse newspaper editorial by Edmonton Journal
  • Let's Stop Being Hysterical, Shall We, and Start Selling Water to Those Who Need It opinion piece by Lee Morrison