Table of Contents

  1. You Can Have It Both Ways: Reading Literature Deeply and Fostering Joyful, Independent Reading
  2. Start with the Students: Identify the Skills Your Students Need
  3. Look Beyond the Usual Suspects: Choose the Book Your Students Need
  4. Map Out the Unit: Plan the Timing and the Strategies You'll Teach
  5. Delight in the Details: Play Your Daily Instruction: Read-Alouds and Minilessons
  6. Reach Everyone: Differentiate with Small Groups and Conferences
  7. Keep Students Engaged: Address the Challenges of Teaching a Whole-Class Text
  8. Track Growth: Assess Along the Way Through Writing About Reading
  9. Launch Readers: Honor Choice to Develop Stronger, Independent Students
  10. Celebrate Achievements: Assessing, Writing, and Making as an End to the Unit