Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Big Picture

Chapter 2: Instructional Responses to Underachievement Among English Language Learners

Chapter 3: What Are the Language Demands of Different Content Areas?

Chapter 4: The Language Demands of Language Arts

  • Teaching Vignette 4.1: Motivating Students to Engage With Literacy
  • Teaching Vignette 4.2: Collecting Specimens: Big Words for Big Minds
  • Teaching Vignette 4.3: Focus on One “Juicy Sentence” Each Day
  • Teaching Vignette 4.4: Helping ELLs to Craft Vibrant, Imaginative Sentences
  • Teaching Vignette 4.5: Using Wordless Picture Books to Support Learning in English/Language Arts

Chapter 5:    The Language Demands of Mathematics

  • Teaching Vignette 5.1: Data Management Through Class or School Language Surveys
  • Teaching Vignette 5.2: Multilingual Math
  • Teaching Vignette 5.3: Mastering the Language of Math Assessment
  • Teaching Vignette 5.4: Connecting Math to Our Lives
  • Teaching Vignette 5.5: Math Language Detective Work

Chapter 6: The Language Demands of Science

  • Teaching Vignette 6.1: Use of L1 to Develop the Language of Science
  • Teaching Vignette 6.2: Building Students’ Knowledge of Science Terminology
  • Teaching Vignette 6.3: Focusing Students’ Attention on Linking Words
  • Teaching Vignette 6.4: Who’s Afraid of Nominalization?
  • Teaching Vignette 6.5: Big Words for Big Minds: Collecting Language Specimens in Science
  • Teaching Vignette 6.6: Marsville: Critical Inquiry That Integrates Science and Social Studies

Chapter 7: The Language Demands of Social Studies

  • Teaching Vignette 7.1: Big Words for Big Minds: Collecting Language Specimens in Social Studies
  • Teaching Vignette 7.2: Developing Semantic Agility With the Anglo-Saxon Lexicon
  • Teaching Vignette 7.3: Using L1 to Explore Different Perspectives on Current Events and Social Issues
  • Teaching Vignette 7.4: Elementary Students as Transformative Intellectuals: Mobilizing Human Rights

Chapter 8: Capacity Building Within Schools:

  • How Can We Create Powerful Communities of Learning?