Get started with a practical assessment for learning primer for all educators.

10 Things That Matter from Assessment to Grading provides teachers and school administrators with a simple and accessible framework for getting started with assessment for learning. The book identifies ten educational priorities that provide clear links between assessment, instruction and sound grading while maintaining a focus on student engagement and motivation. Each chapter is uniquely organized around a big idea of assessment and what it looks like in the classroom. Tips for working with parents and guiding questions conclude each chapter.

  Professional Book Talk With Assessment Expert Tom SchimmerWhether you are just getting started or are looking to take your formative assessment efforts to scale, Canadian author Tom Schimmer provides a simple and accessible framework for moving ahead. Along with outlining some of the unique features of his book, Ten Things that Matter from Assessment to Grading, Tom highlights some of the biggest ideas of what matters most along the formative assessment, sound instruction, and accurate grading continuum.


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