Dr. Stuart Shanker

Dr. Stuart Shanker

Stuart Shanker is a Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at York University. Dr. Shanker is currently serving as Director of the Milton and Ethel Harris Research Initiative (MEHRI) at York University, a privately funded initiative whose goal is to build on new knowledge of the brain’s development, and help set children (including those with developmental disorders) on the path towards emotional and intellectual health.

Dr. Shanker has just been appointed the Director of EPIC: an international initiative created to promote the educational potential in children by enhancing their self-regulation. He has served as the Director of the Council of Human Development for the past ten years; Director of the Canada-Cuba Research Alliance for the past six years; and he was the first President of the Council of Early Child Development in Canada. Over the past decade he has served as an advisor on early child development to government organizations across Canada and the US and countries around the world, among them Australia, Colombia, England, Ireland, Macedonia, Madagascar, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Peru, Romania and Serbia. Most notable among these is his involvement in the creation of the new early learning program in Ontario (viz. "The Pascal Report," for which he also wrote the preface).

John Hoffman

John Hoffman is one of Canada’s leading writers in the area of parenting, child development, and children’s mental health. He has written 15 educational booklets for parents, over 200 articles on parenting in the popular media, and has worked closely with Dr. Stuart Shanker to help make the concept of self-regulation accessible to parents.