Improve grading practice with this practical teacher's "repair kit".

Am I confident that my students receive consistent, accurate, and meaningful grades that support learning?

Am I confi dent that the grades I assign students accurately refl ect my district’s performance standards
and outcomes?

In many schools, the answers to these questions range from “not very” to “not at all.” When that’s the case, grades are broken and teachers and schools need a repair kit to fix them.

This new edition of Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grades: A Repair Kit gives readers and administrators 15 ways to make these needed repairs.

Fixes are organized around these four key categories:

  • Fixes for Practices That Distort Achievement
  • Fixes for Low-Quality or Poorly Organized Evidence
  • Fixes for Inappropriate Grade Calculation
  • Fixes to Support Learning

Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grades delivers one clear message. Grades are artifacts of learning and students need to receive grades that refl ect what they’ve actually learned. This book advocates the implementation of grading systems based strictly on student achievement—and shows educators how to create them.