Complete Grade Level Box with Trade Book Packs

Grade-level boxes contain:

  • Four Units of Study: Grades K–2 include one foundational unit and three other units to address reading fiction and informational texts. Grades 3–5 each include two units in reading fiction and two in reading informational texts.
  • A Guide to the Reading Workshop, Primary or Intermediate Grades: Details the architecture of the minilessons, conferences, and small-group strategy sessions and articulates the management techniques needed to support an effective reading workshop.
  • If . . . Then . . . Curriculum: Assessment-Based Instruction, Grades K–2 or 3–5: Contains additional units to support and extend instruction and to prepare students for work in the main units as needed.
  • Reading Pathways, Grades 3–5: Puts a system for assessing reading into teachers’ hands and into the hands of students.
  • Online Resources for Teaching Reading: A treasure chest of additional grade-specific resources, including bibliographies, short texts, illustrations to show completed anchor charts, reproducible checklists, pre- and post-assessments, homework (grades 3–5), mentor texts, videos, and Web links.
  • Large-Format Anchor Chart Post-it® notes: Preprinted Post-it® notes with summarized, illustrated teaching points help teachers create and evolve anchor charts across each band and unit.
  • Read-Aloud Post-it® notes, Grades K–2: Preprinted Post-it® notes highlight possible teaching

Unit of Study for Teaching Reading, Grade K w/ Trade Pack
Units of Study for Teaching Reading, Grade 1 w/ Trade Pack
Units of Study for Teaching Reading, Grade 2 w/ Trade Pack
Units of Study for Teaching Reading, Grade 3 w/ Trade Pack
Units of Study for Teaching Reading, Grade 4 w/ Trade Pack
Units of Study for Teaching Reading, Grade 5 w/ Trade Pack
Units of Study for Teaching Reading Series Bundle, Grades K-5 with Trade Book Packs