Relevant to today’s world

The Cultural Landscape introduces geography as a social science by emphasizing the relevance of geographic concepts to human problems and the relationship between globalization and cultural diversity. The text integrates descriptive explanations of particular locations and systematic explanations of theories and techniques within a topical issues approach. Modern geographic thought integrates cutting-edge themes and applications of geography including post-colonialism, space, technology, post-modern and critical geography.

 The Cultural Landscape includes results of the 2012 U.S. elections, as well as coverage of pending, Supreme Court decisions, the momentum of various population uprisings, the deaths of various dictators and terrorists in 2011, and all of the implications for U.S. and international political geography.

The Cultural Landscape has also been correlated with the AP correlation guide to the College Board’s AP Human Geography Course Topic Standards. The Student AP® Test Prep Workbook has been created specifically for the AP® Edition of The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography.


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