A classic review of the principles of French grammar, including comprehensive exercises and activities.

Features and Benefits

  • uses simple, non-technical language, and progresses through the noun-adjective constructs (plurals, partitives, agreement of adjectives, and comparisons), to replacement by pronouns of every type.
  • covers all verb tenses, beginning with the present, passé composeé, and imparfait before taking up the subjunctive.
  • includes adverbs, idioms, and special constructions, as well as a progressive review of irregular verbs.
  • uses cross-references and section number references throughout.
  • contains structural exercises, practical applications, and free composition.
  • features “Rules of thumb,” mnemonic devices, charts, and self-tests.
  • divides each chapter into three Structure sections. Essential topics such as passeé composé, reflexive verbs, and passé simple are presented earlier to aid outside reading. Special “Reflets” sections serve as points of departure for conversation and research, often suggesting composition topics as well.