Put your students at the center of Germanic language and culture


Mittendrin is an intermediate-level German program with a unique regional focus designed to promote communicative and cultural competence.


Carefully chosen reading and listening texts in each chapter introduce students to the multifaceted culture of German-speaking Europe and provide the basis for comprehension activities, vocabulary acquisition, speaking and discussion opportunities, and research and writing assignments. Mittendrin develops skills for immediate practical usage while at the same time providing students with a solid foundation for further study.


Skill-Based Approach –Four-skills approach is supported by a dominant cultural component and a controlled treatment of grammar.
Connect with Culture – Ten region-oriented chapters afford students a rich and dynamic view of the varied German cultural landscape.
Explore Grammar – Review of introductory level topics helps students attain mastery of basic German grammar while at the same time intermediate-level grammar topics are introduced and actively practiced.

Build Vocabulary – Students are introduced to words in context and practice them actively.

Develop Skills – Each chapter contains a series of 4 written texts and 2 listening texts that touch upon a broad range of subject areas strongly connected to the regional focus of that chapter.
Personalize Learning – MyLanguageLabs proven results are now available for intermediate German courses!  MyGermanLab will be available for fall 2012 courses.