Clear, step-by-step writing instruction and ample apparatus help reveal the connection between reading and writing, while helping students discover strategies that work for them.

Bringing together equal parts product and process, The Longman Writer stresses the connection between reading and writing with an emphasis on helping students discover what works best for them. Highly flexible, the text is designed to fit a wide range of teaching philosophies and learning styles. A supportive, conversational tone inspires students’ confidence, while numerous activities and writing assignments develop awareness of rhetorical choices and encourage students to explore a range of composing strategies.

The Longman Writer includes everything that students and instructors need in a one- or two-semester, first-year composition course: a comprehensive rhetoric, including chapters on each stage of the writing process and discussions of the essay exam and literary paper; a reader with professional selections and student essays integrated into the rhetoric; a research guide, with information on writing and properly documenting a research paper, including up-to-date guidelines based on the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook; and a concise, easy-to-use handbook. The 10th Edition has been fully updated to provide helpful advice on academic writing, critical reading and thinking, and the recursive stages of the writing process, along with more in-depth coverage of the research process and new examples of student writing.