Mike Sullivan’s Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data with Integrated Review is a new co-requisite course solution, offering a complete introductory MyLab™ Statistics course with integrated review of select statistics topics. This course solution may be used in a co-requisite course model, or simply to help underprepared students master prerequisite skills and concepts.

About Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data, 5th Edition:

Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data, 5th Edition gives students the tools to see a bigger picture and make informed choices. As a current introductory statistics instructor, Mike Sullivan III presents a text that is filled with ideas and strategies that work in today’s classroom. His practical emphasis resonates with students and helps them see that statistics is connected, not only to individual concepts, but also with the world at large. MyLab™ Statistics for this edition takes advantage of data analytics to add additional exercises to high usage chapters. New Technology Support Videos show the author demonstrating easy-to-follow steps to solve a problem in several different formats—by hand, TI-84, and StatCrunch™.