Features and Benefits

What makes MyCanadianWritingLab better?

  • Diagnostic Testing: MyCanadiaWritingLab's diagnostic test comprehensively assesses student skills in grammar. Students are given an individualized learning path based on the diagnostic's results, identifying the modules in areas where they most need help.
  • Progressive Learning: The heart of MyCanadianWritingLab is the progressive learning that takes place as students complete the Recall, Apply and Write exercises within each module. Students move from literal comprehension (Recall) to critical comprehension (Apply) to demonstrating concepts to their own writing (Write). This progression of critical thinking, not available in any other online resource, enables students to truly master the skills and concepts they need to become successful writers.
  • Online Gradebook: All student work in MyCanadianWritingLab is captured in the Online Gradebook. Students can monitor their own progress through reports detailing scores on all of the exercises in the course. It also shows which topics students have mastered. Instructors have detailed reports, such as class summaries that track the progress of their entire class and show individual student detail, as well as topical views and alerts.

MyCanadianWritingLab also includes the following resources, which will further help your students become stronger writers!

  • Research Navigator™ provides helpful tips on the writing process, online research, and finding and citing valid sources in addition to thousands of academic journals and periodicals, the New York Times Search by Subject Archive, Link Library, Library Guides, and more.
  • Study Skills Website helps students review strategies for success, and learn time management, stress management, and study skills.
  • Pearson Tutor Services. Students can submit papers to our paper review service powered by Smarthinking, Inc., which will provide students with detailed feedback on how to improve their essay. Students may submit papers 24/7; some limits apply.