Features and Benefits

Engage students through real data

  • UPDATED! Real data: More than any other statistics author, Marty Triola is committed to integrating real data into the text with >90% of all examples, exercises, and problems using real data. In the 13th Edition, the vast majority of these are new or updated (81% of exercises; 73% of examples; 93% of chapter problems), to make the course as current as possible so that it is easier for instructors to connect with their students.
  • Chapter-opening problems use real data to engage students and are revisited within the chapter, while chapter overviews clearly state each chapter's objectives.
  • EXPANDED! Data sets help students gain statistical literacy and teach them to apply the same methodology and thought processes used by professional statisticians. Larger data sets are integrated in the 13th Edition, giving students critical experience that aligns with what they are likely to do in their future careers--whatever they may be. These are in MyLab™ Statistics, in Appendix B of the text, and the student resource site (www.TriolaStats.com).
  • An increased emphasis on interpreting results, rather than simply obtaining answers, helps students develop statistical literacy and, where appropriate, arrive at practical conclusions. Worked examples in the text model this approach.
  • From Data to Decision capstone problems require students to interpret and analyze data to make an informed decision.
  • Margin Essays are designed to highlight real-world topics and foster student interest.

Empower any student to apply and interpret Statistics procedures, getting to statistical understanding faster 

  • NEW! Chapter Objectives: All chapters now begin with a list of key learning goals for that chapter. This helps students focus their studies while also providing instructors more flexibility when they design their course.
  • NEW! Your Turn feature in many examples directs students to a relevant exercise so that they can immediately apply what they just learned from the example.
  • The flexible organization allows instructors to cover the basics of correlation and regression early in the course if they wish, and scale coverage of probability as needed to address their unique course needs.
  • Flowcharts throughout the text simplify and clarify complex concepts and procedures.
  • Top 20 Topics highlight the most important topics in the text. Students using MyLab Statistics have access to additional resources for learning these topics with definitions, animations, and video lessons.
  • Chapter Reviews summarize the key concepts and topics.
  • Robust exercise sets give instructors maximum flexibility when creating their assignments.
    • Review Exercises give students varied practice on chapter concepts and procedures.
    • Cumulative Review Exercises help students synthesize the material from previous chapters.
    • Quick Quizzes at the end of the chapter give students a quick review of the important concepts in the chapter.
    • Technology Collaborative projects provide further opportunities for hands-on practice and group work.
  • The Student Workbook is an optional print resource that offers additional examples, concept exercises, and vocabulary exercises for each chapter. Full solutions are available for instructors.