Features and Benefits

Emphasis on writing about art in its cultural and social context–Includes expanded treatments of feminist and multi-cultural approaches to writing.

~ Introduces students to varied ways of responding to and understanding art.

Extensive coverage of alternative media.

~ Enables students to explore photography, video, and computer environments that integrate these new forms with more traditional ones.

Clear, concise discussion of important visual elements.

~ Shows students what to look for and how to describe the formal elements they discover–such as line, shape and space, light and dark, and color.

Numerous student writing samples.

~ Offers students a user-friendly treatment demonstrating various approaches to writing about art.

One complete model essay–And four examples of others in draft form.

~ Provides students with an actual and effectively written finished product, and an understanding of how to produce one of their own.

Thirty-two illustrations–All well produced within the text.

~ Supplies students with a visually appealing book, with pictures that relate to the text.

A concise guide to usage and style.

~ Serves students with the rules and principles of good writing, and an essential and handy reference to refer back to when questions arise.

A practical, widely accessible approach.

~ Addresses the needs of students at every level of technological sophistication, from pen and paper to typewriter and word processor.