Practiced by teachers all across the U.S. and around the world, lesson study is widely recognized for the dynamic mix of learning opportunities it provides:

  • classroom-based feedback on students’ mathematical thinking and understanding
  • mathematical knowledge for teaching and enrichment in the teaching craft
  • collaborative observation research that addresses local challenges
  • development of professional learning community 

The steps of the lesson study cycle are simple to follow, but its real power is in ongoing, rich team discussions. Strong leadership fosters a team’s development as a learning community. A Mathematics Leader’s Guide to Lesson Study in Practice helps mathematics leaders, coaches, administrators, and team members alike develop the momentum for deep professional learning.

Jane Gorman, June Mark, and Johannah Nikula share the best practices they’ve learned in leading lesson study teams, training lesson study coaches, and launching lesson study programs in schools. Their Guide offers support for leaders and teams by focusing on three essential elements:

  • Deepening your understanding of the goals, themes, and principles of lesson study and honing your capacity to apply that understanding
  • Developing skills in the processes of the lesson study cycle
  • Strengthening the connections of your work with the work of school, district, and the teaching profession in support of your growth and effectiveness as a professional.

Readers will find a mix of practical advice, detailed guides to each phase of the cycle, stories of team practice, strategies for facilitation, and much more. They’ll read first-hand how teams have moved from novices to mentors in lesson study, changing the professional culture in their schools.  

The Mathematics Leader’s Guide is ideal for book study for teams who want to enrich their participation in lesson study. Taking teams beyond understanding how to get started, the Guide provides a resource to use across many cycles and years to continually deepen lesson study practice

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