This is a book that shows how to bring the goals of the NCTM Standards to life in a classroom on a day-to day basis. Although it is the story of one classroom, the implications go far beyond this classroom. As the teachers here struggle to examine their practices, teachers will connect with them and gain a clearer picture of what it means to teach mathematics for understanding. These teachers turn theory into actual classroom practice while addressing the complexities of:

  • Selecting new mathematics content
  • Planning for instruction
  • Establishing a collaborative learning environment
  • Helping children learn to make choices and take responsibility for their learning
  • Meeting the academic and social needs of all children
  • Keeping records of children's work
  • Assessing for understanding

Ruth Parker brings to this book an in-depth understanding of the goals of mathematics reform efforts, a belief in children as caring and powerful sense makers, and a long history of working to make schools more relevant and meaningful places for children and teachers.