Strengthen teaching and deepen learning of number skills and concepts

From “Mystery Number” to “Hot Lava Bridge,” the forty classroom-tested lessons in It Makes Sense: Using Number Paths and Number Lines to Build Number Sense promote the flexible use of number paths and number lines to solve problems and scaffold or document students’ thinking.

A wealth of teacher supports

The step-by-step lessons are presented in three categories:

  • Introductory ideas (focused on the structure and use of number paths and number lines)
  • Lessons (activities that encourage the use of the tools for thinking about numbers, their magnitude, and their relationship to each other)
  • Games (opportunities for students to develop numerical fluency, think strategically, and play cooperatively)

The lessons offer a wealth of teacher support, including:

  • strategies for differentiating instruction
  • key questions to promote student thinking
  • “A Child’s Mind” insights sharing common student misconceptions
  • “Math Matters!” tips highlighting mathematical definitions, research summaries, and learning scenarios
  • teacher reflections
  • more than thirty reproducibles, also available in a downloadable, printable format