A superb resource for teachers!

From "Building a Wacky Hundreds Chart" to "Number Chart Bingo!," the twenty classroom-tested lessons and games in It Makes Sense: Using the Hundreds Chart to Build Number Sense transform the hundreds chart from a poster on the classroom wall into a hands-on, interactive tool used by both teachers and students.

The hundreds chart is one of the most important tools teachers can manipulate to help students think about our base ten number system and to build a mental model of the mathematical structure of it. Working with the hundreds chart helps learners develop the skills they need to become flexible and fluent problem solvers.

A wealth of teacher supports

The step-by-step lessons in this resource offer a wealth of teacher support, including:

  • strategies for differentiating instruction
  • assessment rubrics
  • examples of student thinking
  • tips for using interactive whiteboards
  • teacher reflections
  • reproducible hundreds chart, number puzzles, bingo cards, and more in a downloadable, printable format