Easy-to-follow teaching directions for compelling, engaging lessons!

From “Look, Quick!” to “Mystery Sums,” the twenty classroom-tested lessons in It Make Sense: Using Ten-Frames to Build Number Sense provide friendly, meaningful support for using ten-frames.

Ten-frames are one of the most important models that teachers can use to help students anchor to the landmark number ten and develop all aspects of number sense. Ten-frames help students develop the skills they need to become flexible and fluent problem solvers.

A wealth of teacher supports

The step-by-step lessons are presented in three categories:

  • Routines
  • Games
  • Problem-solving activities

The lessons are intentionally designed to provide students with opportunities to think, reason, and communicate about numbers. The lessons offer a wealth of teacher support, including:

  • strategies for differentiating instruction
  • assessment rubrics
  • examples of student thinking
  • technology tips
  • teacher reflections
  • reproducible ten-frames, ten-frame cards, and computation cards that are also available in a downloadable, printable format