Successfully implement the transformational math workshop model of instruction through five accessible, manageable steps:

  • Step 1: Understand Math Workshop
  • Step 2: Prepare Your Students for Math Workshop
  • Step 3: Decide Your Math Workshop Structure
  • Step 4: Facilitate Your Math Workshop
  • Step 5: Reflect on and Refine Your Math Workshop

Educators are invited to embrace this resource as their own personal “instructional coach,” first exploring what the author refers to as “three buckets” that need to be in place for a highly successful math workshop:

  • Classroom Arrangement
  • Routines and Procedures
  • Mathematics Community

The resource then offers “Twenty Days to a Classroom Culture That Works,” which includes twenty minilessons that support the communication and practice of expectations surrounding the workshop model. From there, it explores three classroom-tested math workshop structures, providing practical ideas for routines, focus lessons, guided math groups, learning stations, and reflections so you can get started with math workshop in your classroom today.

Streaming Video Clips

The online video clips invite you inside K–5 classrooms for a seeing-is-believing look at math workshop in action. Seeing clips of actual teachers and students engaged in math workshop is the next best thing to observing the model in a classroom.


Templates, tools, and ideas are included and available in downloadable format