About Teaching Mathematics is a book for K–8 educators that responds to the struggles that teachers wrestle with in the classroom when trying to balance procedural skills with developing deep conceptual understanding. Marilyn Burns not only addresses mathematical content, assessment, and strategies but also offers math commentary. Thought-bubble icons are dispersed throughout the investigations section to provide further explanations.

She presents a plethora of whole-class, small-group, and independent investigations that are ready to use. This book is not meant to be read cover to cover but rather is a “go-to” resource for teachers. Burns connects theory to practice and offers ideas for joining English language arts to math instruction. A strong feature of the book is all the sticky notes written by Burns that discuss teaching tips, give management suggestions, list references where teachers can find more information about a topic, and provide some additional thoughts.

This informative and resourceful book, which is well worth its cost, can be used by teachers and preservice teachers, professional learning communities, and book study groups, as well as for professional development purposes. It is truly versatile in its potential uses in part because it is written by such a respected educator in the mathematics community.