The Pearson Canada Mathematics Learning Progression K-9

The Foundation of Mathology

Finding math resources you can trust can be difficult and time-consuming. Mathology’s classroom resources are based on a learning progression backed by insights from teacher interviews, focus groups, and classroom observations along with the best of academic research and pedagogical approaches. So you can focus on teaching, not searching for resources.

Pearson Canada’s Learning Progression shows you how students’ mathematical learning and knowledge grows over time. This research-based document reflects much of the recent investigation into mathematical learning while accommodating curriculums through its focus on big ideas in mathematics.

The learning progression outlines mathematical growth in five strands:

  • Number
  • Patterning and Algebra
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Data Management and Probability

For each strand, there are big ideas, then conceptual threads, then indicators of performance. Each level becomes more specific. The conceptual threads and indicators increase in difficulty from left to right.

NEW! The Pearson Canada Learning Progression Grades 4-9 is a research-based framework integrating essential mathematics concepts, ideas, skills and procedures with the ways in which students develop and expand their mathematical understanding over time. It is intended primarily for teachers, but it is also an important resource for curriculum consultants, learning coaches, administrators, teacher educators, researchers, and parents, as essential stakeholders in promoting students' mathematical success.