Table of Contents

Foreword by Steven Leinwand xi
How to Use This Resource xv
Acknowledgments xxi
Reflections xxii
“A Closer Look” Classroom Scenarios xxv

Section I: What Is INFORMative Assessment? 1
Chapter 1: Beginning an Assessment Journey 2

Section II: What Will I Assess? 23
Chapter 2: Key Strategies for Making Decisions About “Next Steps” 24
Chapter 3: Implementing Clear Learning Targets 70

Section III: How Do I Assess? 127
Chapter 4: Strategies to Support Oral INFORMative 128 Assessments
Chapter 5: Strategies to Support Written INFORMative Assessments 170
Chapter 6: Strategies for Choosing Mathematically Rich Tasks for Instruction and Assessment 202

Section IV: How Can I Support My Students in Assessing Themselves? 247
Chapter 7: Supporting Student Self-Assessment and Responsibility 248

Section V: How Can I Make Quality Inferences and Give Quality Feedback? 309
Chapter 8: Making Inferences About What Students Know and Can Do 310
Chapter 9: Actionable Feedback to Help Students Learn 358

Section VI: What Are the Next Steps in an INFORMative Assessment Journey? 397
Chapter 10: Moving Ahead with INFORMative Assessment 398

References 425
Index 435
About the Authors 446