Features and Benefits

Personalize learning with Pearson’s MathXL for School or MyMathLab for School

Pearson’s two premiere math platforms MathXL for School and MyMathLab for School are online homework, tutorial, and assessment programs designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and pursue a personalized study plan that helps them absorb course material and understand difficult concepts. The new edition continues to expand the comprehensive auto-graded exercise options.

  • Students enter the course with widely varying skill levels, so Pearson MathXL for School or MyMathLab for School includes personalized support and targeted practice to help all students succeed.
    • Integrated Review courses provide a full suite of supporting resources for the main course content plus additional assignments and study aids for students who will benefit from remediation. Assignments for the integrated review content are preassigned in Pearson MyLab Math, making it easier than ever to create your course.
    • NEW! Skill Builder offers adaptive practice that is designed to increase a student’s ability to complete assignments. By monitoring student performance on homework, Skill Builder adapts to each student’s needs and provides just-in-time, in-assignment practice to help them improve their proficiency of key learning objectives.
    • NEW! Workspace Assignments allow students to work through an exercise step-by-step, adjusting to the path each student takes and allowing them to show their mathematical reasoning as they progress, receiving feedback when and where they need it most. When accessed via a mobile device, Workspace exercises use handwriting recognition software that allows students to naturally write out their answers with their fingertip or stylus.  (in MyMathLab for School only)
    • Getting Ready material provides just-in-time review, integrated throughout the course as needed to prepare students with prerequisite material to succeed. From a quick quiz, a personalized, just-in-time review assignment is generated for each student, allowing them to refresh forgotten concepts.
  • Engage students with the mathematical world around them, and develop their visualization skills to strengthen their understanding of the concepts.
    • NEW! Blitzer Bonus Videos bring the applications from the text to life, helping students make visual connections to algebra and the world around them. These are ideal for the classroom, or they can be assigned to students in Pearson MyLab Math as media assignments or through the new exercises that assess conceptual understanding of the videos.       
    • NEW! Guided Visualizations are interactive figures that help students visualize the concepts through directed explorations and purposeful manipulation. They encourage active learning, critical thinking, and conceptual understanding, and they can be assigned as homework with correlating exercises. Additional Exploratory Exercises are available to help students think more conceptually about the figures and provide an excellent framework for group projects or lecture discussions. For easy access, Guided Visualizations are available in the Multimedia Library and are HTML based, making them compatible with iPad and tablet devices.
    • MathTalk Videos are fun, application-based videos showing students how the math they are learning applies to the real world and why they should care about math. They also have an accompanying Instructor Guide and video assessment questions assignable in Pearson MyMathLab for School.
  • Support students in their desire to be successful--in this course and beyond.
    • NEW! Retaining the Concepts exercises are a chance for students to review previously covered objectives in order to help maintain their mastery of the material and keep skills fresh. Beginning with Chapter 2 each Exercise Set contains three review exercises under the header “Retaining the Concepts.”  These exercises are also available to assign through Pearson MyLab Math.
    • NEW! Video Program includes fresh, interactive videos that walk students through the concepts from every objective of the text. The videos provide an active learning environment where students can work at their own pace.
    • Chapter Test Prep Videos allow students to work through step-by-step solutions to all of the Chapter Test exercises from the textbook. These are available in the Pearson MyMathLab courses and on YouTube.
  • Easier course set-up for instructors
    • NEW! Enhanced Sample Assignments make course set-up easier by giving instructors a starting point for each chapter. Each assignment, carefully curated for this specific text, with selections from Bob Blitzer, includes a thoughtful mix of question types (e.g., conceptual, skills, etc.) specific to that topic. 
  • Foster in-class student engagement and peer-to-peer learning
    • UPDATED! Learning Guide, organized by the textbook's learning objectives, is available as a print supplement to help students make the most of their textbook for test preparation. Learning Guides are now included to give students an opportunity to discover and reinforce the concepts in an active learning environment and are ideal for group work in class
    • NEW! Learning Catalytics™ helps instructors generate class discussion, customize lectures, and promote peer-to-peer learning with real-time analytics. As a student response tool, Learning Catalytics uses students’ smartphones, tablets, or laptops to engage them in more interactive tasks and thinking.
      • Upload a full PowerPoint® deck for easy creation of slide questions.
      • Team names are no longer case sensitive.
      • Help your students develop critical thinking skills.
      • Monitor responses to find out where your students are struggling.
      • Rely on real-time data to adjust your teaching strategy.
      • Automatically group students for discussion, teamwork, and peer-to-peer learning.
      • Learning Catalytics is on MyMathLab for School only!