A College Readiness Solution for Students Who Completed Algebra 2

Research suggests that when students are placed into credit-bearing math courses, drop-out rates decrease and they are more successful in the workforce and beyond. Algebra and Trigonometry for College Readiness, Media Update prepares students for college-level mathematics courses. This interactive learning content has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of those who completed Algebra 2 but require another year of mathematics to prepare them for credit-bearing courses in college. 


  • Features content created for students who need another year of math but are not ready for precalculus
  • Uses a skill-building and problem-solving approach with many hands-on applications
  • Provides ample content for a complete full-year course or two separate semester courses
  • Includes practice exercises to help students hone their skills
  • Offers step-by-step solutions to problems to enhance student understanding

New Media Updates

  • Provides optional resources to meet your goals for Common Core Math:
    • The Common Core Practice and Review Guide to give students additional problem-solving practice
    • The Common Core Implementation Guide to support teachers with correlation, mathematical practices, and assessment resources
  • This course is now available in MyMathLab® for School, an interactive learning solution with eText, online assignments, multimedia, and more.