Table of Contents

  1. Teaching Mathematics in the 21st Century 
  2. Exploring What It Means to Know and Do Mathematics 
  3. Teaching through Problem Solving 
  4. Planning in the Problem-Based Classroom 
  5. Creating Assessments for Learning 
  6. Teaching Mathematics Equitably to All Students 
  7. Developing Early Number Concepts and Number Sense 
  8. Developing Meanings for the Operations 
  9. Developing Basic Fact Fluency 
  10. Developing Whole-Number Place-Value Concepts 
  11. Developing Strategies for Addition and Subtraction Computation 
  12. Developing Strategies for Multiplication and Division Computation 
  13. Algebraic Thinking, Equations, and Functions 
  14. Developing Fraction Concepts 
  15. Developing Fraction Operations 
  16. Developing Decimal and Percent Concepts and Decimal Computation 
  17. Ratios, Proportions, and Proportional Reasoning 
  18. Developing Measurement Concepts 
  19. Developing Geometric Thinking and Geometric Concepts 
  20. Developing Concepts of Data and Statistics 
  21. Exploring Concepts of Probability 
  22. Developing Concepts of Exponents, Integers, and Real Numbers