Echos Pro and the CEFR

Need to learn about the CEFR?
One more reason to Be an Échos Pro!

Échos Pro is a unique resource because it combines professional learning and teacher training on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) with classroom resources and practical pedagogy aligned to the principles of the CEFR.


  • action-oriented approach
  • learners work together on tasks
  • action-oriented, purposeful tasks
  • texts provide a focus for language learning
  • a variety of print, audio, graphic, multi-media, electronic texts
  • communication strategies support language learning
  • comprehension, production, metacognitive and cooperative 
  • integration of cultural and intercultural understandings
  • integration of cultural and intercultural learning
  • use of positive Can Do descriptors
  • Je peux learning goals and reflection/assessment cues


Inspiring Teachers

Échos Proprovides professional learning on the CEFR to introduce the framework, develop and improve teachers' understanding of the framework, and help teachers make use of the CEFR to achieve their classroom objectives.


Motivating Students

Échos Pro adds to professional learning on the CEFR by providing an entire core program of classroom materials and pedagogy that align with the CEFR and its principles:

  • In each Échos Pro module, learners reflect and are assessed on "Je peux/ I can" statements based on language proficiencies and the use of strategies
  • In each Échos Pro module, learning goals are expressed in "I" statements.
  • With CLE, the digital component of Échos Pro, Students and teachers can create, save, and share digital versions of their language portfolios year-over-year to help learners become more conscious of their language learning and to encourage them to monitor their own progress.

The Échos Pro Language Chart provides a comprehensive view of how all tasks, texts, strategies, je peux statements, and communication goals in Échos Pro are all aligned with CEFR principles and proficiencies.