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For a complete look at Échos, download the following pages from the front of the Teacher’s Guide:



The Gradual Release of Responsibility Model

Also known as scaffolding, this model allows teachers to gradually release responsibility to students through the use of modelling, shared practice, guided practice, and independent practice. It applies to all aspects of teaching Échos: Oral Language, Comprehension Strategies, Shared Reading, Language Exploration, and Response to Text.

See how the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model (PDF 208 KB) provides the scaffolding students need to develop each skill.

Comprehension Strategies

Échos introduces and reinforces eight useful strategies in a progressive manner over the course of the three levels of this resource. The lesson plans for each text help to bring one strategy to a conscious level, so that students are aware of how the strategy helps them understand text. Students become familiar and comfortable with this strategy as teachers encourage them to reuse it in subsequent texts.

See all 8 Comprehension Strategies (PDF 200 KB).

Shared Reading

This resource provides teachers modelling, questioning, and a variety of oral reading techniques to engage students with a text such as:

  • Audio-assisted reading
  • Chime-in reading
  • Choral reading
  • Cumulative reading
  • Echo reading
  • Readers Theatre
  • Shadow reading

See the Steps of Shared Reading (PDF 99 KB).


Assessment and Differentiation

Both literacy and curricular-based learning expectations are provided in each lesson sequence. Also, differentiated instruction is embedded in every lesson in order to easily address the needs of all learners.

See an example in this Lesson at a Glance (PDF 228 KB).

Response to Text

Échos offers students the opportunity to demonstrate comprehension of a text by connecting new knowledge to prior knowledge, and by transforming information in a new form using various modes, such as speaking, writing, and representing.

See an example of Preparing a Response to Text (PDF 208 KB).

PD Corner

This margin feature provides embedded professional learning through the Teacher’s Guide.

See this complete Lesson Plan (PDF 450 KB) for Lesson 1 to see how.

Teacher Guide CD-ROM

The Teacher's Guide includes a CD-ROM which contains line masters in modifiable format and a bank of images from the visual dictionary.