In a recent survey, 80% o K-3 teachers considered outstanding in literacy instruction reported using literacy centers in their classrooms. Surprised? Gretchen Owocki isn’t. She knows that literacy centers are an ideal tool for teachers who seek out opportunities to differentiate their instruction, and in this book, she shows you every aspect of using centers successfully. Owocki has thought of everything you need to know to make learning centers happen, from planning to assessment to ensuring that centers help all students meet content and skills standards. Grounded in solid research, yet lively and practical enough to keep on the corner of your desk, this book offers explicit, helpful advice on teaching with literacy centers, including:
  • Smart suggestions for on-the-spot and preplanned differentiation through centers, including tips for working with special-needs students and English-language learners
  • Specific learning and teaching principles that guide and enhance center-based instruction literacy goals for centers that are developmentally appropriate for your students, yet flexible enough to work in grades K-3
  • Ideas for organizing the physical space in your classroom for one or many centers
  • Strategies for managing center-based instruction that help even the busiest classrooms run smoothly
  • Plans for more than 50 literacy centers with activities and reproducibles that are ready to roll out right away
If you’re trying literacy centers for the first time, this book gives you plenty of start-to-finish help in getting your centers up and running-and running well. If you’re a center veteran, you’ll uncover some nitty-gritty details that will help you provide the best individual support for your students as they develop their literacy capabilities.