This new anthology, Canadian Literature in English:Texts and Contexts, is a comprehensive, multi-genre Canadian literature text that strives to give a broad, complete picture of the history of English-Canadian poetry, short fiction, pamphlets, nonfiction, and essays, ranging from the sixteenth century to the present. The text includes important writings by canonical and non-canonical, literary and “non-literary” Canadian authors for each time period, and combines these with visual materials and contextual pieces such as political speeches, government documents, maps, photographs, paintings, newspaper articles, cartoons, autobiographical statements, songs, and popular culture texts. Introductory essays begin each chronological section, providing historical, cultural, and literary context. The works included represent a broad diversity of writers, including women and Native writers from early periods, and careful attention has been paid to finding works that make intertextual references to each other, allowing students to chart the central debates surrounding the formation of Canadian national literary and cultural traditions.


This book differs from other anthologies of Canadian literature in its inclusion of substantial contextual material; its historical emphasis on the production of Canadian literature; its interdisciplinary approach; its emphasis on intertextual dialogue between selections; its inclusion of popular culture texts, such as song lyrics; and its inclusion of a substantial representation of Canadian First Nations writing within a general Canadian Literature anthology.