Develop your students’ critical literacy skills and challenge their thinking with NITTY GRITTY NOVELS—high-interest, rich texts targeted at young adolescents. What these novels bring to your classroom:

  • High-interest, rich texts with themes relevant, and of interest, to young adolescents
  • Stimulating and engaging discussion prompts and activities focusing on key critical literacy areas including author purpose, power of language, characterization, bias, point of view and more
  • Cutting-edge design and text layout to engage young adolescent readers
  • Texts written by a range of local and international authors
  • A range of genres: mystery, adventure, historical fi ction, science fi ction, fantasy and contemporary fiction
  • Different social and cultural perspectives and strong themes and messages to spark discussion and encourage the questioning, challenging and deconstructing of texts
  • Fold-out back cover with a set of prompts to foster peer-led discussion within literature circles and to extend and guide students thinking about the texts