Veteran teacher and author Dan Feigelson raises an important question about the larger goal of reading instruction:  while it’s our job as reading teachers to introduce students to new ideas and comprehension strategies, shouldn’t we also teach them to come up with their own ideas - without teacher prompting?  In Reading Projects Reimagined, Feigelson shows us how conference-based, individual reading projects help students learn how to think for themselves.  He provides a concrete picture of what reading projects look and sound like in the classroom with:

  • step-by-step guidelines on how to conduct a productive conference.
  • categories to help teachers narrow down possible directions a conference could go.
  • examples of student work and teacher-student dialogue.

When readers go beyond simple comprehension questions to extend their own ideas, they’re on their way to becoming independent, critical thinkers who can read any text with depth and thoughtfulness.


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