Table of Contents

Section One: Why Poetry?

Heart Maps as Inspiration for Reading Poetry

Poetry as Inspiration for Robust Reading and Heightened Quality of Writing

Section Two: Heart Books: Make Poetry Reading a Practice

Creating the Heart Books

Students’ Thoughts on Poetry Before the Heart Books

Introduce Heart Books: Show Possibilities

Section Three: Introduce Students to Poets and Poetry

Choosing Poets and Poems

Book Crates

Reading to Find a Poem

Planning/Constructing Double-Page Spreads

Section Four: Core of the Heart Books

Students’ Reconstructed Heart Book Pages

Finding Writing and Reading in Heart Maps

Section Five: Students’ Thinking as We Crafted Heart Books

What Students Noticed About Poetry

What Poets Say About Poetry

What Students Learned About Poetry

Section Six: Evaluation

Evaluation Form

Talking with Students as They Work

Art Walk: Students Reading and Commenting on Peers’ Heart Books

Students’ Thoughts on Poetry After the Heart Books

Section Seven: What Changes Kids’ Minds About Poetry?