Pearson eText & Spark Reading

Pearson eText & Spark Reading

eText iPad App

The Pearson eText app is a great companion to Pearson's eText browser-based book reader. It allows existing subscribers who view their Pearson eText titles on a Mac or PC to additionally access their titles in a bookshelf on the iPad either online or via download. With the eText app, book content is displayed with the highest quality fidelity to the print and online versions of the textbook. The app provides students and instructors with many of the same features available to browser-based eText subscribers. The eText app provides full-text search capabilities, highlights, notes, bookmarks, support for multimedia content, glossaries, ability to create study groups and many other exciting features!



Features *

  • Sign in via Pearson Username and Password
  • Bookshelf shows the user's licensed titles (online and download)
  • Fidelity to the original textbook display
  • Single page (portrait/landscape) and dual page (landscape)
  • Go To Page, Zoom, Next / Prev page navigation
  • Notes, highlights, bookmarks on or offline with automatic synchronization
  • Personalized notes, highlights, bookmarks for online titles
  • Synchronize your iPad textbook personalizations with the browser-based version
  • Online text Search and Search History within a title
  • Table of Contents
  • Online Glossary
  • Create Study Groups to share notes with friends via the iPad's BlueTooth connection or in the same WiFi Hotspot
  • Notes Manager
  • Added support for the synchronized display of highlights when an audio soundtrack of the content is playing (not available in all titles)
  • Help
  • Hotspot links to web-based media
  • Interoperability with the same title on a Mac or Windows

*Not all titles support all these features.