Biology Resources for Ontario Science Teachers

Reach today’s tech savvy students with Pearson’s BiologySource suite of resources. Pearson’s newest biology resource is more than just a textbook. With BiologySource 11 you can unite print and digital materials, get students to think in different ways, and break down barriers. That’s our idea of 21st century learning.


Why BiologySource?

At Pearson we are always looking for innovative and exciting ways to explore the curriculum. With BiologySource, teachers can choose from print and digital sources. By uniting print and digital, BiologySource makes it possible to teach students in a fully remote or blended learning environment.


How does it connect with students?

Explaining biology concepts using words alone is never easy. That’s why Pearson’s approach to Biology education includes both print and online materials. Our comprehensive and integrated digital components make biology lessons current and deliver material in easy to understand and approachable ways. Filled with rich explanations and insights, this secondary science resource is sure to make teaching easier and leave students better prepared.

Want to experience BiologySource hands-on?

Try it for yourself. Register today to explore the online resources available at View a variety of digital animations, labs, and lessons for grade 11 biology students. Click to register and begin creating and sharing interactive materials with your class.


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