DOCit [logo] Capturing Learning in the Classroom


When Pearson began researching new resources for early learning several years ago, we talked with many educators about what was needed. In conversations, the challenges of documentation of learning and pedagogical documentation came up again and again. This prompted us to pursue a solution that would help educators make learning visible in a play- or inquiry-based learning environment.

DOCit evolved from "Save the Day for Play (SDP)," a software developed by Affiliated Services for Children and Youth (ASCY). ASCY is a non-profit, multi-service agency that provides a range of services and supports focussing predominantly on the early years. Originally a provider of professional education, training, and resources to early childhood educators, ASCY has grown both in mandate and vision. Today, it leads the way in fostering connections and facilitating community initiatives in the early years sector at the local, provincial, and national levels.

In partnership with ASCY, Pearson developed SDP into DOCit, a web-based application based on SDP but adapted to better address the needs of schools. Coincidently, ASCY has commissioned a version of DOCit for early childhood to replace their SDP program.

And we would be remiss without recognizing the hundreds of educators who used DOCit in their classrooms and gave us feedback on how to make it better. Their feedback has truly shaped the development of DOCit and made it a tool that enhances the documentation process.

In our conversations with many educators across the country, they referred us to articles and websites that shaped our thinking. These references include: