DOCit [logo] Making Learning Visible


Capture Notes, Observations, and Conversations Quickly

One of the primary goals of DOCit is to allow you to easily capture information in the moment. The DOCit interface provides one-touch access for note taking and media capture. A free DOCit Capture App provides this same one-touch access but optimizes the orientation and resolution of media files for faster uploading and minimum storage requirements.

Pull Notes and Media Together into Meaningful Documentation

No more disconnected pieces of information. DOCit allows you to easily combine your observations, notes, and media files into documents that make learning visible. DOCit features a flexible template to help you structure your documentation and add to, or revise, documents to reflect new information.

Connect to Curriculum

Your provincial curriculum for grades K-2 resides within DOCit. You can easily attach applicable outcomes/expectations to a document to indicate what learning was demonstrated. There is also the ability to connect other criteria such as learning skills or competencies.

Share Documents with Children, Parents, and Colleagues

Share documents with children to learn more about their thinking and celebrate their learning. Share documents with parents to keep them informed of their child’s learning. Share documents with colleagues to reflect on how children are learning. DOCit’s display, print, and export features allow you to easily modify documents for specific purposes.

Summarize Documents with the Click of a Button

Because all of the data you collect in DOCit is digital, it can be summarized in a variety of ways. The summaries and search capabilities save a tremendous amount of time and allow you to focus on analysis and planning next steps rather than sorting, transcribing, and organizing. These summaries are also invaluable for reporting learning and planning for parent/teacher conferences.

Keep Track of Children’s Development over Time

DOCit allows you to indicate the level of development each child connected to a document. DOCit is not a grade book, but rather a record of observations and reflections that inform instructional planning. The labels on these levels of development are fully customizable and can reflect district or school practice.

Make Learning Visible through Pedagogical Documentation

Documentation offers an opportunity for studying with others what children reveal about their thinking and learning. When shared with others, these documented experiences become a tool for thinking together. To hear others’ thoughts makes us realize there are many viewpoints, and these perspectives can inform your knowledge of the children in your classroom.

Customize DOCit to Your Technological and Pedagogical Requirements

Because DOCit is a web-based application, you can access it from any computer or device connected to the internet—a tablet, smart phone, laptop, or computer. And you can access it from anywhere—your classroom, or elsewhere in the school, or even your home. DOCit can also be customized to address specific district or school initiatives and preferences. Virtually all labels and menus can be customized so that all teachers are using a common practice and language. You can also create custom tags that allow you to search and sort information in ways that are meaningful to you.