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A new Canadian-developed online tool that streamlines the documentation process and helps capture learning in the classroom.

Welcome to DOCit

You learn so much about the children in your classroom by observing and talking to them. These observations and conversations are a vital component to understanding the development of each child in all areas.

You walk around with a notebook, or a clipboard, or sticky notes and jot down notes. You take photographs or videos of what happens in your classroom. You likely have developed some sort of system or process for organizing this information. The ways of documenting learning vary greatly, but they have one thing in common: you end up with hundreds of disconnected pieces of information resulting in a manual, time-consuming process to make meaning that will inform planning and communication.

Technology offers ways to make documentation of learning more efficient. You may be using ePortfolio software, note-taking or scrapbooking apps, a class blog, or other software. While these solutions offer some efficiency, many of the issues of a manual documentation process still exist, particularly the inability to summarize and analyze information.

DOCit has been developed specifically to capture and organize documentation of learning in classrooms. Educator involvement at every stage of development has resulted in a tool that truly enhances the documentation process and leads to more personalized learning and reflective practice.